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FEASTIVAL- A Feast of Multicultural Theatre

Feastival is a triple bill of multicultural theatre by 3 Darwin cultural groups.

From Japanese Eyes- Bombing of Darwin depicts the true story of Hajime Toyashima, the first Australian POW during World War II who plane crash landed on Melville Island and was captured by an Indigenous man Matthias Ulungura.

Past Journey- Bright Future is the story of two young people who were born in a Ugandan refugee camp. They tell their story of having lived in two worlds - their early life in the camp and their new start in Darwin where they are studying to reach their goals and continuing to develop their rich culture and identity.

The musical theatre piece Yatra weaves the story of leaving your home country of India for a better future in Darwin.

Date and time of the event: 
Sun, 2017-06-18 18:00 - 21:00
Event location: 
Chambers Crescent Theatre , Malak
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