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Kendo Beginners' Course

Kendo is a full-contact Japanese martial art based on traditional sword-fighting techniques, open to all ages and genders.
What: 12-week Beginners' Course
When: Sunday 10am - 11am and/or Wednesday 6:30pm - 7:30pm starting Wednesday 4th July 2018.
Where: Darwin Squash Centre, 6 Marrara Drive, Marrara.
Cost: $300, which will include: your own uniform, sword, and sword bag; as well as membership to the national organisation, Australian Kendo Renmei which covers injury insurance and allows training and participation in formal events (such as gradings, competitions, and seminars) anywhere in Australia.
This is an instructor led course for 12 weeks under a flexible learning approach by attending either or both Sunday or Wednesday trainings.
The initial introductory course is part of a year-long programme, leading to advanced level courses towards national-level grading and competition.
You will gain foundational skills and insight into the exciting world of Kendo (the way of the sword) – open to all genders and adults of all ages (above 15).
Kendo is a hybrid of modern sport and traditional Japanese martial art based on samurai sword fighting techniques. As a traditional martial art, Kendo provides an opportunity for character development through discipline and respect. As a modern sport, Kendo also provides an opportunity for eager players to compete at a national level across many divisions – as individuals or teams – for men, women, and children.
*Kendo is practised as a full-contact combat sport, within the safety of fully-padded armour*
The first stage of this beginners’ course is designed to provide an introduction and understanding of the foundational practise of kendo:
Basic techniques
Advanced level courses will flow directly from the initial course. Basic techniques are built upon, catering for both students who are interested in competition, or are simply on the journey for self-improvement.
Darwin Kendo Club is affiliated with the national organisation Australian Kendo Renmei and International Kendo Federation – our training regime and grading certificates are recognised world-wide.
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Contact email:
Contact number: Bernard Yehuda - 0430 398 358
Date and time of the event: 
Wed, 2018-07-04 18:30 - 19:30
Event location: 
Darwin Squash Centre, 6 Marrara Dr, Marrara NT 0810
Contact phone: 
0430 398 358
Contact email: