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Territory Talk, Wednesday 17 October

Image result for pALMERSTON mAYORImage result for pinelands youth detention center

Mel chats with Mayor of Palmerston City about the proposed Pinelands Youth Detention Centre. 

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Territory Talk, Tuesday 16 October

Image result for tERRY mILLS

Former Northern Territory Chief Minister and current Independent Member for Blain Terry Mills is considering launching a new political party with a primary focus on Northern Australia. 

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Territory Talk, Monday 8 October

Image result for taj pabari 56 creations

Mel chats with Taj Pabari about his upcoming event at Casuarina Library, "Inspiring Future Innovators". 

Taj Pabari is eighteen-years-old, just finished high-school, yet his passion for young people, business and entrepreneurship has led him to a level of influence well beyond his years. Taj established Fiftysix Creations, Australasia's Largest Entrepreneurship School Workshop Provider at the age of fourteen.

Fiftysix Creations run workshops for schools teaching young people as young as five all the way to eighteen, about the world of business, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. The organisation has partnered with Westpac, PwC Australia, MYOB and the State and Federal Government to deliver it’s workshop programs to regional and remote areas around Australia and New Zealand.

In this talk Taj Pabari will explore his journey through the schooling system and how parents and educators together, can prepare their young people for the challenges of the innovation economy. Taj will talk about the Fiftysix Creations “Future Proofing Young People” Report on why people skills and soft skills are the skills employers and industry believe are fundamental for success.

Territory Talk, Monday 8 October

Image result for CDU Innov8Image result for CDU Innov8Image result for CDU Innov8

CDU Innov8 is coming! Mel chats with Dr Alexandra Murray and Dr Vinuthaa Murthy about this, no annual, event. 

Eight innovators will speak for eight minutes about their new reserch projects, giving the audience a quick insight into some of the innovative ideas CDU researchers are exploring. 

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Territory Talk, Tuesday 2 October

Image result for CANT SLEEPImage result for sUZZANNE lAIDLAW

Did you know it’s “Sleep Awareness Week”?  And that sound businesses require sound sleep?

Mel chats with Suzzanne Laidlaw to get some tips on getting enough sleep to succeed.

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Territory Talk, Tuesday 2 October

Image result for october business monthImage result for tim harcourt

Mel chats with “The Airport Economist”!

Tim Harcourt is the primary source of business intelligence for Australian and international companies engaged in trade and international business in the Asia Pacific.

And he is here for October Business Month!

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Territory Talk, Wednesday 26 September

Chrissy Zelley with her award. Picture: NT Training, Skills and Careers.Image result for WINNER

Mel chats with Chrissy Zelley, the VET Teacher/Trainer of the Year

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Territory Talk, Tuesday 25 September

Related imageMotov8-Motov8ing people to stay on trackImage result for GAMING ADDICT

Online gaming has been popular for a long time, but the most recent obsession with games like ‘Fortnite’ is leading to some extremely disturbing behaviour in family homes right across the country. Parents are at their wits end with not knowing how to get their teenage boys out of their bedrooms and off their screens, engaging and interacting with the rest of the family. Initially it sounds like boys just being boys, but this is serious addiction and it’s causing major stress and anxiety to entire families. At the end of the day, this is not a gaming problem, this is a parenting problem. We as parents need to step up and set the bar, hold the bar in place and parent through the pain. So, how do we do it?

Mel chats with Rev from Motov8v

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Territory Talk, Monday 24 September

Image result for STAFF LEVERAGEImage result for OCTOBER BUSINESS MONTHImage result for STAFF LEVERAGE

Mel, together with Marie-Claire Boothby and JohnMackenzie from "Staff Leverage", take a look at the exciting calender of events for October Business Month 2018.

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Territory Talk, Monday 24 September

Image result for CYBER SECURITY

Mel chats with Wayne Ronaldson, an "ethical hacker". Is your business "Cyber Smart"? Are you "Hack Proof"? 

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