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Josephine Jamieson - Last Touch - Part Two

Dean Jamieson was murdered on 04 April 2006, leaving an irreplaceable void in the lives of those who held him dear.

Dean's mother, Josephine, has written a confronting book that is a deeply intimate and personal examination of the life and death of her child and the grief that accompanies such a loss.

In her novel titled - Last Touch - Jo critically examines the events following her son’s untimely death; the support of the social sector and the police, the role of the media and reportage and the effect on family.

Jo Jamieson was born in Scotland but now calls the Territory home and currently works as a senior Child Protection Worker in remote communities working with aboriginals and their families.  She was a mother of four, until her eldest child Dean was brutally taken away from her through murder. This is her story.

A heartbreaking story from a very brave Mum who shares her story about what she and her family went through after her son was murdered.

Jo’s book Last Touch is published by Austin Macauley and available now. 

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