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Luke Gosling MP - Federal Member for Solomon

Local lad Luke Gosling has been flat-out – literally and metaphorically.

Taking a roadside breather from Pollie Pedal and his epic bike ride to help raise money and awareness for veteran support group Soldier On, Luke talked with Morning host Peter Butler about the Member for Solomon’s plea to Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull to assist with funding Palmerston and Darwin through the coalition’s City Deal.

In parliament Gosling pressed Mr Turnbull “…I have taken the liberty of amending the coalition government's City Deal policy by replacing 'Townsville' with the word 'Darwin'. I like the sound of it, and I like the idea of the Commonwealth entering into a deal with the northern capital of Australia, Darwin, to improve our city, because we do need some infrastructure. That will provide jobs not only in construction but also in tourism as people come to see the magnificent tourism that we have to offer in the north”.

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