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Mel chats with Taj Pabari about his upcoming event at Casuarina Library, "Inspiring Future Innovators". 

Taj Pabari is eighteen-years-old, just finished high-school, yet his passion for young people, business and entrepreneurship has led him to a level of influence well beyond his years. Taj established Fiftysix Creations, Australasia's Largest Entrepreneurship School Workshop Provider at the age of fourteen.

Fiftysix Creations run workshops for schools teaching young people as young as five all the way to eighteen, about the world of business, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. The organisation has partnered with Westpac, PwC Australia, MYOB and the State and Federal Government to deliver it’s workshop programs to regional and remote areas around Australia and New Zealand.

In this talk Taj Pabari will explore his journey through the schooling system and how parents and educators together, can prepare their young people for the challenges of the innovation economy. Taj will talk about the Fiftysix Creations “Future Proofing Young People” Report on why people skills and soft skills are the skills employers and industry believe are fundamental for success.

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