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Robert Macleod

Former Palmerston Mayor Robert Macleod responded to calls by some members of the local business community to delay the council election for six months.

Mr Macleod was emphatic that the election must proceed as planned as residents expected council to be run by elected members not an appointed manager from the Territory Government.

The entire elected Palmerston council members were suspended without pay in June and Mark Blackburn was appointed as official manger until a new council is elected.


On 29 June 2017 the Minister for Housing and Community Development, Gerald McCarthy:

(a) under section 224 (1) of the Local Government Act, placed the City of Palmerston under official management; and

(b) under section 224 (2)(b)(i) of the Act, appointed Mark Blackburn to manage the affairs of the council; and

(c) under section 224 (2)(b)(ii) of the Act, appointed Russell Anderson to investigate and report back to the Minister by 29 December 2017 on the conduct of the suspended members and the affairs and financial position of the council.

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