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Territory Talk, Thursday 20 September

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Mel chats with Dominique Grubisa, CEO of The DG Intitute. Are you feeling crushed under the weight of your personal debt? Are the debt collectors hounding you.

There are things you can do to regain control over your personal debt. 

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Territory Talk, Wednesday 19 September

Image result for JEFF COLLINS MLAImage result for ANT DETECTION DOG WILLOWImage result for PILL TESTING

Mel chats with Jeff Collins, MLA, Member for Fong Lim. 

Mel's unfit, Willow is a FIFO FIDO and Jeff says YES to pill testing. 

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Territory Talk, Wednesday 19 September

Clint Cameron's pictureImage result for research institute for the environment and livelihoods

Our "Ask and Expert" segment continues, Mel chats with Clint Cameron from the Research Institue for the Environment and Livelihoods about "Blue Carbon". 

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Territory Talk, Tuesday 18 September

Image result for SAINT MARY'S FOOTBALL CLUBImage result for OPEN DAYImage result for SAINT MARY'S FOOTBALL CLUB

Mel chats with Sharna from St Marys Football Club.

They have a fantastic Golf day coming up on Friday the 21st of September AND an open day on Saturday the 29th of September.

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Drive, Friday 14 September



Matt Bern from the Territory FM Drive show talks to Scott Darlow about the Drought Breakers Rain project.

Raising funds for "Buy A Bale". Rain features Sarah Mcleod (Superjesus), Todd Hunter (Dragon), Adam Brand, Jack Jones (Southern Sons) and Scott Darlow.

Buy the song now from itunes and googleeplay

Territory Talk, Thursday 13 September

Image result for tINDERImage result for PSYCHO

Online dating apps are a way of meeting singles. However, research has found that 1 in 5 people on Tinder are in a committed relationship. And if this wasn't bad enough, the scientists identified that they were also likely to be psychopaths!

Mel chats with dating expert Debbie Rivers about the "challenges of Tinder! 

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Territory Talk, Tuesday 11 September

Image result for Tech TalkImage result for dante st jamesImage result for Tech Talk

It's "Tech Talk" with Dante St James!!!

Have you "Future Proffed" your career? 

Want to know how to avoid embarrassing grammar mistakes?

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Territory Talk, Tuesday 11 September

Related imageImage result for corporate cupid

Are you looking for love? Have you tried "online dating"? Mel chats with Renee Brown a professional "Match Maker" and Founder of "Corporate Cupid"! 

What are the pittfalls of "Online Dating" and what do you do to attrack love in the "real world".....

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Territory Talk, Monday 10 September

Image result for CDU LOGOImage result for dR aMANDA lEACH MENZIESImage result for CDU LOGO

Mel chats with Dr Amanda Leach, Menzies School of Health Research Staff.

$8 million to tackle chronic hearing epidemic

A ground-breaking initiative designed to tackle chronic hearing problems and boost educational opportunities among children in remote Territory communities was launched in Darwin recently.

“Hearing for Learning” is an innovative project founded on research by scientists at the Menzies School of Health Research that will focus on employment and training of community members to assist with diagnoses and treatment of ear disease and hearing problems.

Balnaves Foundation founder and CDU Chancellor Neil Balnaves AO donated $2.5 million to the project, which aims to reduce the need for fly-in fly-out specialists and reduce the treatment waiting period by upskilling community members to support health and education services in remote communities.

“When we learned about the chronic nature of ear disease for children living in remote communities in the Northern Territory, we could not ignore the fact that this likely leads to profound disadvantage in health, education and employment outcomes,” Mr Balnaves said.

“We believe more must be done, and the next step is to support the community to deliver a solution.

“Philanthropy plays a unique role in recognising and piloting new approaches, however, it requires partnership with government to deliver these approaches at scale.

“Government is to be applauded for putting this unique partnership together to solve what now has become a serious epidemic.”

The initiative is expected to reach 5000 children with a focus on those aged under three, and is co-led by Professor Amanda Leach and Australia’s first Indigenous surgeon, ear, nose and throat specialist Dr Kelvin Kong.

Menzies School of Health Research Director Professor Alan Cass said: “Hearing is essential for strong early childhood development, and chronic hearing problems in children cause education difficulties leading to entrenched disadvantage.” 

The project will begin with four remote sites and is expected to be rolled out in as many as 20 communities employing up to 40 community-based workers who will be locally trained and supported.

The Federal Government has invested $3 million in the initiative and the NT Government $2.4 million.


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Territory Talk, Friday 7 September


Mel chats with Jeff House, Jeff is the Chief Executive Officer of SARRAH.

The SARRAH conference theme ‘Changing Landscapes, Changing Lives‘ will explore change in the following areas:

  • Workforce
  • Training and professional development
  • Needs of Specific consumers or consumer groups
  • Service delivery models
  • Policy development, implementation and impact
  • Clinical practices and service delivery
  • Health economics and financing
  • Community engagement
  • Rural generalism
  • Interprofessional practice, training, education
  • Cross cultural service provision
  • Aboriginal health
  • Technology and digital health systems