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Territory Talk, Monday 10 April

Peter Butler talks with Deputy Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro about urgent calls to widen changes to the bail amendment act and also the Territory government’s re-introduction of the Banned Drinker Register and the inherent limitations of the regsiter being an effective tool to manage problem drinkers and the wide-spread and devastating effects alcohol fuelled violence is wreaking on Territory communities.

Territory Talk, Monday 10 April

CDU Law Professor Alan Berman talks with host Peter Butler about his role working in Bill Clinton’s administration, and, quite separately, Alan’s research and worldwide work on hate speech law.

Dr Berman’s valued work in human rights and hate speech law has informed governments in Australia and globally enabling changes to contemporary legislation.

Territory Talk, Monday 10 April

Following the recapture of juvenile escapees NT Minister for Juvenile Justice Dale Wakefield explains that a review is in place and that security has been increased at the Don Dole correctional centre.

Minister Wakefield also acknowledged with Morning host Peter Butler that more needs to be done with correcting a system that has failed both inmates and the public alike.

Territory Talk, Monday 10 April

Local lad Luke Gosling has been flat-out – literally and metaphorically.

Taking a roadside breather from Pollie Pedal and his epic bike ride to help raise money and awareness for veteran support group Soldier On, Luke talked with Morning host Peter Butler about the Member for Solomon’s plea to Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull to assist with funding Palmerston and Darwin through the coalition’s City Deal.

In parliament Gosling pressed Mr Turnbull “…I have taken the liberty of amending the coalition government's City Deal policy by replacing 'Townsville' with the word 'Darwin'. I like the sound of it, and I like the idea of the Commonwealth entering into a deal with the northern capital of Australia, Darwin, to improve our city, because we do need some infrastructure. That will provide jobs not only in construction but also in tourism as people come to see the magnificent tourism that we have to offer in the north”.

Territory Talk, Wednesday 5 April

During his whirlwind tour of Darwin, Shadow Minister for Defence Richard Marles talks with host Peter Butler about the Territory’s key role in meeting Defence’s servicing and logistics requirements over the next two decades.

The Labor frontbencher acknowledged the challenges faced by the NT taking its lion-share of the 20 billion dollars to be spent by the Defence Department in the Top End over twenty years and the fierce competition with other states such as Christopher Pynes’ South Australia.

Breakfast, Wednesday 5 April

Do you believe in Aliens? Kerrie-Ann Thornton does. In fact, she claims that she communicates with them on a daily basis. Kerrie-Ann Thornton is a self-proclaimed “Extraterrestrial Medium”.  She is an educated, articulate woman who is convinced that Aliens will “show themselves” to us in a matter of weeks. Do you believe?

Territory Talk, Tuesday 4 April

Federal Labor Member for Lingiari Warren Snowdon has condemned the Prime Minister and South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon for doing a dirty deal over the Turnbull Government’s tax cuts to business, involving the funding of a feasibility study for a gas pipeline from the Territory into South Australia without any thought for the views of the Northern Territory Government, let alone the NT community more generally.

Territory Talk, Tuesday 4 April

Morning host Peter Butler talks with Territory Attorney General and Health Minister Natasha Fyles about improving safety for remote area nurses, the long awaited  cyclotron to be built at the same time as Darwin’s long awaited PET scanner and, the importance of giving NT business a fair go with government tenders.

Territory Talk, Tuesday 4 April

Shane Stone, former Chief Minister and Australia's first Minister of Asian Relations and Trade talks with host Peter Butler and states the NT must build a diversified economy should look to re-establish its trade links in the region.

Mr Stone laments the past and says “..he never understood how successive Territory Governments could let all that work and connection evaporate. It’s not as though they replaced this endeavour with other activity or set a different focus. Rather they became fat and lazy on the ‘rivers of gold’ that came their way with the GST.”

Territory Talk, Tuesday 4 April

Federal Minister for Northern Australia Matt Canavan and the minister ultimately responsible for the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility speaks with Morning host Peter Butler about the perceived lack of any real action with Commonwealth funding attracting infrastructure investment to the Territory.