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Territory Talk, Friday 7 July

Daryl Mazie chats with Dr Philip Goldstone from Marie Stopes International about their new Darwin Clinic. 

Territory Talk, Wednesday 5 July

Daryl Manzie chats with former Canberra Raiders Captain Alan Tongue, who was named The SCT Australian of The Year 2016.

Nominate today.

Territory Talk, Wednesday 5 July

Daryl Manzie chats with Greg Bicknell from The NT Chamber of Commerce about the Darwin Port.


Territory Talk, Tuesday 4 July

Will your medical records be safe in a centralised computer?

Daryl chats with Paul Power on Mornings. 

Drive, Monday 3 July

Pete Murray joins Matt Bern in the drive studio for an extensive chat on the new album, the family, the new band, the chewbacca mask and more!

Pete is back in Darwin Sept 9 for the last show of his Camacho national tour! Hit DTIX now!


Territory Talk, Monday 5 June

Jacinta Carroll is head of Counter Terrorism Policy Centre within the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

Peter Butler discusses with Jacinta the challenges facing Australia to proactively deal with the global increase of terrorist related incidents and the need for a co-ordinated multi-agency approach to better understand the complex issues.

Territory Talk, Monday 5 June

Sister Anne Gardiner AM is a community and heritage advocate living and working on the Tiwi Islands of the Northern Territory of Australia for more than 50 years. She was named the Senior Australian of the Year in 2017 and caught-up with Morning host Peter butler to talk about Australia’s contemporary identity and what makes an Australian.

Breakfast, Friday 2 June

Sattler Festival

This morning Mel invited Mrs Schatz, Shaye and Tanady into the studio to talk about The Sattler Festival. A fun event for the whole family.

Over 40 stalls including: heaps of food and drinks, hip hop dancers, bouncy obstacle course, toy library, interactive art and craft, Irish dancing trope, fire brigade fun, art auction, car boot sale.

So much to see and do including a family movie night.

Date and time of the event: 
Sat, 2017-06-03 15:00 - 20:30
Event location: 
Sattler Christian College, Bees Creek


Territory Talk, Tuesday 30 May

Peter Butler interviews Natasha Fyles as Acting Deputy Chief Minister about contemporary Territory issues including responding to the fail grade for transparency awarded to her government by former Labor MLA Ken Parrish.

Territory Talk, Tuesday 30 May

Is the Territory a true melting pot?

Terry Mills and host Peter Butler talk about the challenges and mutual benefits for all Territorians in learning to understand each other more and focus on the importance of reconciliation between white fella and black fella.