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Classic Café, Friday 4 August



Steve Hooper speaks to everyone involved with ONE TROPICAL DAY 2017. 



Territory Talk, Friday 4 August

Darwin criminal lawyer John Lawrence SC talks with Peter Butler about his Land Rights News article: Australia’s Morality Play 2017.

The Territory barrister’s piece is a critical review into the machinations of the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the NT and forensically examines who knew what about the horrific events that triggered Australia’s 133rd Royal Commission.

A link to Mr Lawrence’s article:

Territory Talk, Thursday 3 August

Following a run of events preventing the Chief talking to listeners on the Morning show host Peter Butler caught up with Michael Gunner to talk about Dan Murphys decision to put on ice their court action against his government’s alcohol retail floorspace limitation.

Mr Gunner also responded to questions about how to address the overwhelming growing number of homeless people in the Territory and other issues including crime and policing, education and crocodile safaris.

Territory Talk, Wednesday 2 August

Morning host Peter Butler talks with Deputy Chief Minister Nicole Manison about issues affecting Territorians.

Territory Talk, Monday 31 July

Morning host Peter Butler caught up with a young local Aboriginal Woman who, at age 19, has nominated for election to Darwin City Council.

Emily Ford is running for a position as Alderman in Lyons Ward in the upcoming NT Council elections. Miss Ford was born in Darwin and is currently residing within Lyons Ward, which she has done so for over five years. Her deep-rooted connection to this unique tropical city has fostered an indelible passion for its advancement.

Territory Talk, Monday 31 July


Charles Darwin University will discuss a new and hotly contested field of research that explores how the human brain reacts to art and beauty, at an international symposium.

Morning host Peter Butler discussed with CDU Lecturer in Philosophy Dr Nicolas Bullot about the symposium with visiting American Professor of Neurology Anjan Chatterjee that will unpack the latest findings in brain theory, psychology and historical scholarship and what they have to say about art.

Territory Talk, Monday 31 July

The first detailed history of the innovative Northern Territory Bilingual Education Program, which began in remote schools more than 40 years ago, was launched at Charles Darwin University as part of NAIDOC Week.

The book, titled “History of Bilingual Education in the Northern Territory”, draws together the grassroots perspectives of education professionals and researchers, archival materials and policy analysis.

Peter Butler talked with co-author Nancy Devlin about the book.

Dr Devlin and Nancy Devlin, a Fellow of CDU’s School of Education and a former lecturer, said they were spurred on to tackle this project after two respected NT educators, including a fierce advocate for the bilingual program on Bathurst Island, lost their lives in a car accident in 2012.

Territory Talk, Monday 31 July

Morning host Peter Butler talks with Opposition Leader Gary Higgins about Comsecs latest State of the States report for the NT, space bases for Arnhem Land and the proposed Territory ICAC.

Breakfast, Monday 31 July

The World Famous Racing and Diving Pigs are BACK!  Mel was thrilled to catch up with her little Buddy Mater Vandeleur and his Grandfather Tom at the 66th Annual Royal Darwin Show on Friday afternoon. 


Drive, Thursday 20 July


Ten years ago, Tommy Little made his way onto the stage with his very first solo show – Call Me. Since taking that first step, Little has become one of comedy’s biggest names, hosting three shows in one year for Australia’s only comedy network, The Comedy Channel. His latest role has him hosting the Australian version of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, the iconic UK and US improvisation series.