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Territory Talk, Wednesday 27 September

The Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the NT will present its report late in 2017.  A large amount of evidence was tested and an abhorrent body of facts were established during the Territory’s second RC.

John Lawrence, Territory-based lawyer and critic of the NT youth justice system talks with Peter Butler about concerns that key people within the system and publicly identified in the Commission’s transcripts and media reports have not been held responsible for their actions.

Territory Talk, Wednesday 27 September

Host Peter Butler chats with John Lawrence SC about the plea bargain from a defence lawyers point of view and the importance of victim lobby groups.

John also spoke about the Retta Dixon inquiry and failure with DPP policy to consult with some victims on the fact charges had been dropped.

Territory Talk, Wednesday 27 September

Chris Fearn from Victims of Crime NT talks with Peter Butler about the important work his organisation performs and the Territory Justice Departments Charter for Victims. Also discussed was the relationship between the victim and the public prosecutor.

Territory Talk, Wednesday 27 September

Plea bargaining and the Territory’s Attorney General calling for a review of NT murder laws where some of the topics discussed with Daryl Manzie and Peter Butler. The interview is lengthy but enlightening. What are your thought? You be the judge.

Territory Talk, Tuesday 26 September

Heath from the PANDA PROJECT speaking to Pete Butler on their massive recycling drive up the highway.

There's a big WELCOME party are the BEACHFRONT for the panda lads this friday from 6pm ! 


Territory Talk, Tuesday 26 September

Peter Butler talks with Chief Minister Michael Gunner about pressing issues facing his government, namely:

•                Senator Nigel Scullion calls for an audit on federal funded NT police positions out bush

•                The NT is looking to join the space race with a proposed space launch base in Arnhem Land.  There are  questions around land acquisition and tenure given the complex management of traditional lands through myriad agencies

•                Drunk itinerants to be moved on but, to where?

•                PM Turnbull’s renewed call to save the near destitute eastern sea board with Territory gas.

•                CDU’s  Alice Springs-based professorial research fellow Rolf Gerritsen arguing that Darwin should be separated from the rest of the Territory as a type of “city territory” to end the Government’s urban bias.

Territory Talk, Monday 25 September

Morning host Peter Butler caught-up with Ray Martin and David Brill and reflected on days of yore with the award-winning journalists. The dynamic duo reminisced with stories of working together almost half a century ago.

As young newsmakers, they filed stories in an era when film ruled and meeting editorial deadlines from different time zones provided many challenges.  The pair were in town to host the Australian Cinematographers Society NT 2017 Awards.

Breakfast, Friday 22 September

There's heaps of cool stuff happening again in #Darwin for the October School Holidays 2017!

So this morning Mel invited Libby Larsen and her adorable boys, Rex and Jude, into the studio for a chat! Libby has done all the hard for you these school holidays!


Territory Talk, Thursday 21 September

With the proliferation of businesses masquerading as massage parlours in Darwin who offer extra services there is mounting pressure to legalise brothels in the Territory.  Legitimate therapeutic services are becoming increasingly frustrated with men calling their businesses with unsolicited requests for yes – happy endings.

Peter Butler talked with Alternative Bodywork director Chantelle Trebley about her concerns with the unwanted sexualisation of the remedial and wellbeing industry. Following the interview another bona fide business owner, Wendy Keyshott, called in expressing her frustration with similar calls and the need for government to respond. Present in the studio was Member for Fong Lim – Jeff Collins who responded to the caller’s concerns.

Territory Talk, Wednesday 20 September

For the Deputy Chief Minister’s weekly catch-up Nicole Manison talks with Peter Butler about the Facing North function and the challenges of stimulating the Territory’s flagging economy.


Photo credit: Hillary Wardhaugh