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Mel Little has been gracing the Darwin radio dial for over 10 years, usually around Breakfast time. She spent over 2 years on Territory FM's Breakfast Show. In 2018 she has hopped over to mornings with more localised content, community events and strong features for our workday listeners. She's even going to play more of Darwin's Greatest Hits inbetween the chatty bits!

Some fast fact of Mel include: She has 2 puppies that she adores, Muggsy and Cookie. She tells everyone that she can do a push up with one arm (she can't really but WOW just imagine being able to do that, now that would be so cool), she loves Netflix, red wine and cheese! Seriously the cheese thing is an issue, she LOVES the stuff. 

Mel keeps it local. Covering off the now information to start your Morning. She speaks to the people that matter and will open the show up to her listeners any chance she gets.

She is witty, lovable, very talkative and most of all highly emotional on the things that mean the most to her. 

Mornings for sponsors Dustins Autos now starts at 8am sharp - just after David Konov.