Territory FM is Darwin’s most listened to community radio station. We offer listeners a mature and reliable listening experience on-air and online. We have a growing number of local businesses who are including us in their sponsorship and marketing budgets. Our not for profit sponsorship rates are very competitive and we can offer specialised  packages to suit. Your messaging doesn’t get lost in a massive load of “spots” like other radio stations. We only play 5 minutes of sponsor content per hour – so you will cut through and get marketing results. Major businesses across Darwin and Palmerston have known for years and understand the loyality of our listeners. Some of our long term “top” clients have remained with the station for decades. You will become part of  the family in our community of sponsors. Please talk to our Sales team, Rekha Kulkarni and Tatiana Hoffman for more information on how we can help you get those marketing results.

Media release from CDU:

Territory FM Station Manager Matt Bern said the latest McNair Community Radio Listener Survey ratings were above the forecasted numbers, with the market research a big win for the local broadcaster.

“Territory FM continues to have great gains in listenership with Darwin’s 40+ demographics. We’re the number one radio station for males aged 40+ and now for the 40-65+ demographic overall,” Mr Bern said.

“Over 48,000 Darwin residents aged 15+ are also tuning in weekly to catch their favourite shows. We’re over the moon to see such high numbers.”

“Our strong local approach to radio continues to deliver results to sponsors and supporters, and it’s another amazing result for our hard-working team of broadcasters,” he said.

“The volunteers make TFM what it is – being supported by the Darwin community keeps our beloved station alive.”

The station not only saw an increase in time spent listening, but the latest ratings showed a nine per cent rise in monthly listenership from 2021 to 2022, and a six per cent growth in weekly listenership.

“Our listeners are changing the way they listen to radio – whether it’s streaming services like iHeart Radio or TuneIn, or your everyday digital and FM radio devices – so we’re making sure TFM is accessible in as many ways as we can,” he said.

Long-running community relationships have also produced active sponsorship opportunities for the radio station and local supporters.

“We’re dedicated to Territory FM as a not-for-profit. These sponsorships help our station to provide great training for volunteers, and effectively promote local businesses and events across the airwaves.”

While the ratings are the latest cause for celebration, the team are already planning for new studios in the coming years.

“Territory FM has big things ahead; we’ve got our sights set on the future of Darwin community radio.”

104.1 Territory FM broadcasts under a community licence held by CDU.

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