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On this day in 1990, the Angels LP “Beyond Salvation” went to #1 on the Australian charts (June 24)
Surprisingly, despite the band’s popularity, was to be the iconic Aussie rock legends’ only #1 album.
For those playing along at home, their debut self-titled album failed to chart, ...“Two Minute Warning”went to #2, their live LP “Live Line” was their next best at #3, “Dark Room” and “The Angels Greatest” peaked at #5, “Watch the Red” and “Howling” got to #6, “No Exit” made it to #8, and “Face to Face” topped out at #18.
“Beyond Salvation” also peaked at #3 in New Zealand.
The US version of the album, released under the name The Angels From Angel City, featured a vastly different track listing….
It was made up of 4 brand new songs, "Dogs Are Talking", "Rhythm Rude Girl", "Let the Night Roll On" (the only 3 songs to also appear on the Australian edition), and "Junk City" (Australian single B-side to "Let the Night Roll On"), along with re-recordings of 5 classic Angels songs, "City Out of Control" (Night Attack, 1981), "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again" (The Angels, 1977), "I Ain't the One" (Face to Face, 1978), "Who Rings The Bell" (The Angels' Greatest, 1980), and "Can't Shake It" (No Exit, 1979).
Click on the link below to watch “Dogs Are Talking”:

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The Angels - Dogs Are Talking (Official Video)

The official video for The Angels - Dogs Are Talking. Listen to The Angels: The Angels:...

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