Written by on 09/12/2022

The ‘Bachelor’s Handbag’ also known as the “Tradie’s Handbag” or “Bachelor’s Briefcase” has been announced as this year’s People’s Choice Winner for the annual Macquarie Dictionary Word of the Year.

In previous years, the People’s choice award winners included “Karen” (self-explanatory) and “Strollout” (a reference to Australia’s laid-back vaccine rollout).

Other finalists for 2022 included “Hidden Homeless” (people who stay long-term with friends and family), Quiet Quitting (only doing what your job description entails) and of course “Spicy Cough (COVID-19 nickname)

Images above courtsey of the Macquarie Dictionary website

The ‘Bachelor’s Handbag’ – named because of the convenient packaging of the BBQ chook is not just part of the Australian vernacular, it also makes a great dinner, especially when paired up with some coleslaw, buns and mayo.

Speaking of roast chicken handbags – have a look at the amazing piece from Visual artist Emma Buswell whose beaded bag won her first prize in the Joondalup Art Prize in WA from a field of over 30 shortlisted entries.

Image courtesy of Instagram

The bag took over 100 hours to make

If you were wondering who won the actual Committee’s Choice, the winner was  “Teal” which in the political landscape was a lot more than just a colour, instead referring to independent political candidates with a certain set of shared views.

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