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Remotes are uncool!

Written by on 06/01/2023

Source – 10play

Startup Tech Company Debuts Remoteless, Cordless Television That Sticks To Walls

If you’re sick of losing your TV remote, you’re in luck.

A new television by startup company Displace has debuted a product that uses a camera to track hand movements to control the TV.

Founder and CEO of Displace, Balaji Krishnan, showed off the futuristic television at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The annual showcase is a chance for tech companies to exhibit their soon-to-be-launched products in entertainment, appliances, automotive and gaming.

Speaking at the event, Krishnan said Displace “completely reinvents the television”.

“It’s important to re-architect television by eliminating all common frustrations and making it extremely easy to secure televisions on any surface inside homes,” he said.

Along with not needing a remote, the television also doesn’t have a power cord, instead using four batteries that require charging once a month.

The nine-kilogram TV can also stick to windows and walls, so it can be placed anywhere in the home.