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You may have seen in the news this week that a Perth Nightclub has banned patrons wearing red shoes, and you may be scratching you’re head wondering “what-the?”
Don’t panic, your Louboutin’s are safe!

The ban which comes into effect as of February 1st this year is aimed at a “certain style of person” Malcom Pages, the club owner explained.
He described the type of person in question as having an “attitude to things” or acting like a “tough guy”, not those who are well dressed!

A bit of digging reveals that red Nikes, red ASIC’s or red New Balance are the chosen footwear (along with big thick chains and a certain type of shirt) favoured by those who are a little bit “eshay”

Eshay you say? Yes, eshay… plain as the pig latin you’re reading. Mr Pages went on to say “It’s a little bit eshay. It’s also a little bit Aussie local suburban hero and every pub, nightclub, bar, security person and police officer will tell you… the local hero certainly wears a certain style of clothing.

“Unfortunately, when these people are dealt with or refused entry or they’ve been asked to leave, a large percentage of the time they have red shoes on.”

And yes, he is serious.

For a crash course in how to be “eshay” have a look at this TikTok by torrelltafa – language warning – view at your own discretion.

Article originally published on, 10th January, 2023. 
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