Written by on 10/03/2023

WARNING: Graphic Content

A Queensland man has got the internet talking after a video of him catching, cooking and eating a cane toad has gone viral.

Ian Bartholomew posted the video to his TikTok Account, showing his “method” of first placing the toads in the freezer to euthanize them before cutting them up on a chopping board, crumbing/flouring them (hard to tell I was only looking with one eye) and then deep frying them.

Viewers were disturbed, to say the least.

“Sorry, but no, no, no,” one person commented.

“There’s no way …,” said another.

“Someone, call the police,” one comment reads.

“What the holey heckers have I just stumbled upon,” said another.

There were some other more “colourful” responses to the video as well.

No research was done into whether the toxin they carry might have been dangerous to eat, so we don’t recommend you try this at home. Bartholomew said on Wednesday “I have not seen it done before, but it has been a day and I don’t’ have any tummy problems”.

So far Bartholomew has posted other cooking content designed to shock like including making eggs benedict on a hot cross bun (at least it wasn’t a vegemite hot cross bun!)

To watch the stomach churning video click here – we do advise viewer discretion.

Article compiled from various sources including News Limited and 7News. Main Image



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