Gunner vs Vowles continues

Written by on 18/01/2019


MICHAEL Gunner will do “anything” to stay chief minister they are now saying.

Mr Gunner sacked Mr Vowles from his jobs as Aboriginal affairs and primary industry minister and banned him from caucus late last year after he refused to back his leadership.

Freed from the restraints of caucus rules, Mr Vowles let loose at Mr Gunner, who he said was concerned only with maximising his own chance of re-election and maintaining his grip on power.

“Michael is only about protecting his leadership; he’s proved that,” he told the NT News on Thursday.

“The number one thing he said for sacking me was because I wouldn’t support him publicly, so that’s an insight into the man he is.

“It’s all about leadership, it’s all about power. I think we’re seeing that played out now. It’s more messaging, more spin.”

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