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Written by on 08/02/2019


The University of Technology Sydney has rolled out “all-gender” bathrooms in support of gender diversity.

The university has introduced the concept in a bid to “make students feel safe and welcome on campus”.

While the university already has unisex bathrooms, some students felt this wasn’t inclusive enough.

A statement from UTS reads: “Some people within our community don’t identify with traditional binary genders (male and female). Others don’t feel comfortable using a bathroom designated by gender, sometimes because they’ve had a negative experience using a single-gender bathroom due to their appearance or gender identity.

“All gender bathrooms provide a space that can be used comfortably by everyone.”

While unisex toilets are marked with male and female symbols, the all-gender bathrooms include an additional symbol — as well as the words “All Gender” — to acknowledge gender diversity.

They can be found across nine of the university’s buildings.

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