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Written by on 14/02/2019

From the NT NEWS

Lauren Roberts

THERE’S only one video shop left in the Northern Territory, and according to its owner, business is booming.

One year ago, when Kelly Berry asked the banks for a loan to buy The Video Shop in Durack, she was knocked back by lenders.

“The bank turned us down, it was a high-risk business,” she said. “I’ve always been an employee here, then our owner was going to shut up the shop.

“I had the vision and we’re turning it around quite well.”

Ms Berry said she saw the store’s potential, and didn’t want to see staff lose their jobs if the doors closed. So, after being rejected by the banks, Ms Berry scraped the money together and took the plunge.

“Was there a risk? A huge risk,” she said. “Our bookkeeper is happy because things are going up. We’re the last store in the NT, so we’re clearly doing something right.”

Ms Berry said their store also sold America candy including Twinkies, Red Vines and Lucky Charms.

“What you see in the movies, you can get here,” she said.

“It draws people in.”

While Netflix, Stan and other movie streaming apps have diverted shoppers away from traditional video stores, Ms Berry said she welcomed the competition.

“I have Netflix, I love Netflix but there’s no new release movies on there,” she said. “I think you’re always going to have that competition.” The store also rents out video games and new release movies.

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