Ear Cicadas

Written by on 17/02/2019

from the NT NEWS / Centralian Advocate

Jamal Ben Haddou



DEAD CICADAS are being turned into glittery jewellery by a creative Alice Springs woman with an eye for natural beauty.

Chantelle Rothwell, who manages her family owned business Bohemian Bazaar, has been collecting the dead critters and using their wings to make earrings.

“I think insects are incredibly beautiful and underappreciated so I thought this would be a great way to immortalise their beauty and show other people just how gorgeous they really are,” Ms Rothwell said.

“Some people are quite spooked out by cicadas and think the idea is crazy until they actually see the earrings look like fairy wings . . . it’s also completely cruelty free.”

Making the earrings is an intricate process for Ms Rothwell who waits three days for a special resin to set.

“I’ve had the idea for years and there was a lot of trial and error at first but I still spent late nights making them.”

The earrings and other handmade gifts can be bought instore in Alice Springs at Bohemian Bazaar on Gregory Terrace.

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