Only flush twice

Written by on 25/02/2019

From the NT NEWS

PRISON officers at Darwin Corrections Centre have been on poo patrol, limiting detainees to only two toilet flushes a day due a failing sewage system, according to inside sources.

On top of it’s overcapacity issues, the $1.8 billion Holtze prison has been riddled with structural and security issues since it was opened in 2014.

Defence lawyer Robert Welfare said water restrictions in particular had been causing a stink at the prison for quite some time.

“I’ve had lots of clients come to me with complaints about the water limits in there, it’s becoming a serious problem and really unhygienic,” Mr Welfare said.

“I’ve been to prisons all over Australia but this is the only jail I’ve heard of that limits shower time and only lets you flush twice a day.”

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