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Written by on 01/03/2019

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David “Jim” Penman runs a multimillion-dollar company — but not too long ago he was “almost destitute” after racking up tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

Mr Penman, who founded the wildly successful Jim’s Mowing behemoth in 1982, was originally planning to become an academic and was in the midst of his PhD when a series of poor decisions, personal failings and rip-offs saw the bills pile up to $35,000.

But after his first marriage, Mr Penman realised something needed to change — and he said it was the mindset shift he needed to turn things around.

“I just started mowing laws, working incredibly hard six days week and doing a great job,” he told

“Customers loved me and I got repeat work.”

Then, in 1989, it became a franchise, and Mr Penman became “Australia’s accidental backyard millionaire”.

But that incredible success didn’t come smoothly.

In Jim’s Book, a new biography by novelist and TEDx speaker Catherine Moolenschot released today, Mr Penman doesn’t shy away from his own flaws and weaknesses, his many regrets and controversial decisions — including the “horribly unfortunate” situation that led to him firing his own sister.

“She still hates me … she got another job within a few months but she’s never forgiven me and I don’t blame her,” he told

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