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Written by on 23/04/2019

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A granddad who has visited more than 50,000 pubs says drinking beer is the secret to eternal youth – anyone else want to drink to that?

Seventy-four-year-old Bruce Masters has a Guinness World Record after visiting 51,695 UK pubs over the last 50 years and says that knocking back bevs is the reason so many people think he looks 60.

Bruce was just 15 when he started visiting pubs – back then a pint cost a shilling – and he reckons he’s probably spent around £120,000 in his five decades of boozing. Money well spent, though eh?

Despite his daughters urging him to ‘slow down’, Bruce has no such plans and visits a thousand pubs a year.

Bruce, from Flitwick, Bedfordshire, said: “When I ask people how old they think I am they’re always about 14 years out. It must be the good effect of beer – the preservatives.

“I’m planning to be a centenarian anyway so I can’t imagine how many pubs I’ll have visited by then – I’m hoping to never stop.

“Some people my age aren’t able to get around as much, but I walk quite a lot when I’m out and about so that keeps me active too.

“My daughters do nag me sometimes and say ‘Dad, don’t you think it’s time you slowed down a bit!’

“I say ‘no way!’ I plan to just keep going forever – who knows what number I could get up to.

“The general public are always completely surprised and wish they could come along.”

First stepping into a pub all the way back in 1960, Bruce says it wasn’t until he was working in London in 1971 that he started visiting as many pubs as he could.

“My first pub visit was the week before my 16th birthday,” Bruce said. “One or two of the publicans weren’t too particular [about the law] and they were known to local schoolboys. 

“As an underage drinker buying my own pints, I went for the cheapest at one shilling a pint and I thought ‘this is an acquired taste’.

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