Written by on 23/05/2019

Rhian Deutrom@Rhi_lani

For just $290, you too can own your very own Towelkini — which, by my calculations, will cost you a lot more than a pair of togs and a beach towel on their own.

The designer, Ms McManus, said her Towelkini melds “the two essentials for all things beach”.

“No need to carry a cumbersome towel or an easy to lose swimsuit — here they come as one, materialised as ideal,” she wrote on her website.

The designer said her creation would “keep the baes at bay” and “have all your haters throw the towel in when they lay eyes on you in this”.

Rather than racing to the online store Special Special to pick one up, the internet is totally confused about the alleged “swimsuit”.

The obvious question is how would one swim in this Towelkini without drowning from the sheer weight of a soaking wet towel?

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