C64 is back!

Written by on 27/06/2019

By Matt Dunn • Senior Producer

Forget about the next-generation PlayStation and Xbox because there’s a new player in town.The highly popular Commodore 64 has been reborn and will be hitting stores in time for Christmas.Dubbed the C64, the product will be a full-size recreation of the original computer/gaming console and will come complete with a replica of the working keyboard.

However, the success of NES and SNES Classic Editions saw the idea revisited.The Commodore 64 was an 8-bit computer launched in 1982 and cost around $580 at the time.The Guinness Book of World Records once listed the Commodore 64 as the best-selling computer model of all time, with the company selling more than 17 million of its C64 systems.The product is tipped to retail at around $199.99 when it launches in early December.FULL GAME LIST:Alleykat; Anarchy; Attack of the Mutant Camels; Avenger; Battle Valley; Bear Bovver; Boulder Dash, Bounder; California Games; Chips Challenge; Confuzion; Cosmic Causeway; Cyberdyne Warrior; Cybernoid II; Deflektor; Destroyer; Everyone’s a Wally; Firelord; Galencia; Gateway to Apshai; Gribbly’s Day Out; Gridrunner (VIC 20); Heartland; Herobotix; Highway Encounter; Hover Bovver; Impossible Mission; Impossible Mission II; IO; Iridis Alpha; Jumpman; Mega Apocalypse; Mission AD; Monty Mole; Monty on the Run; Nebulus; Netherworld; Nodes of Yesod; Paradroid; Pitstop II; Planet of Death; Psychedelia (VIC 20); Ranarama; Robin of the Wood; Silicon Warrior; Skate Crazy; Speedball 2; Spindizzy; Steel; Street Sports Baseball; Street Sports Basketball; Summer Games II (includes Summer Games events); Super Cycle; Sword of Fargoal; Temple of Apshai Trilogy; The Arc of Yesod; Thing Bounces Back; Thing on a Spring; Trailblazer; Uridium; Who Dares Wins II; Winter Games; World Games; Zynaps.

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