Meat Free Pie?

Written by on 25/02/2020

Four’N Twenty will next month launch a new product that will taste, smell and look like a meat pie — except there’s a catch.

The classic Australian brand is selling a meat-free Four’n Twenty pie that contains a plant-based filling, which the company promises will taste exactly the same as its meat version — but not everyone is convinced.

While meat-free, the item isn’t technically vegan either. Four’n Twenty wrote on Facebook that while the pies contained “absolutely no animal products as ingredients” they were

“made on a line that also produces non-vegan products, so we will not make any vegan-friendly claims at this stage”.

The new meat-free, ahem, meat pie got a mixed reaction from those on social media, with many saying the alternative was long overdue.

“Yes, finally cut out the 25 per cent of ingredients it doesn’t need. Welcome to the future of Aussie Pies,” one person wrote on Facebook.

“Yay I can eat a pie at the footy! Awesome thanks,” another added.

Meanwhile others joked that the meat-free option wasn’t any different from the classic Aussie pie.

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