Whopper Distancing

Written by on 26/05/2020

source – news.com.au

As restaurants reopen, many are looking for ways to remind customers to maintain social distancing.

While some establishments reduced the amount of seating available and painted markings on the floor to keep customers separated, one fast-food franchise had a different idea.

Burger King recently tweeted out an image of two customers enjoying some burgers while using special Burger King crowns to stay safe.

The oversized headgear reportedly extends far enough off the wearer’s head to make sure that they stay 1.8m away from other customers.

When a Twitter user asked where they could get one, Burger King informed them that these crowns were available to customers in Germany.

A commercial promoting the so-called “social distancing Whopper” hit YouTube on Thursday, opening with footage of a woman waiting for a lift.

A man — who evidently ate the onion-loaded Whopper — then appears and says hello. Repulsed by the stench of his breath, the woman shoots him a dirty look, clenches her fists and turns away, taking the stairs instead.

“The triple onion Whopper that helps others stay away,” the quick clip concluded in Italian, according to a translation.

Fox News’ Janine Puhak contributed to this report.

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