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Burt the Psychic Croc!

Written by on 21/08/2020


ORACLE and Crocodile Dundee star, Burt the psychic croc, had viewers on the edge of their seats as he took a number of swipes at other candidates before finally tipping Lia Finocchiaro as the next Chief Minister of the Northern Territory.

The 5.1m crocodile, who moonlights as an electoral analyst for the NT News, used his well-known psychic abilities to chomp down a piece of chicken attached to a picture of Ms Finocchiaro’s face – a universally acknowledged sign of his election outcome prediction.

The Crocosaurus Cove resident spent several minutes deliberating, no doubt a reflection of the unpredictable nature of the election campaign thus far, before eventually choosing the leader of the CLP for the top job.

However, Burt took not one but two swipes at Territory Alliance leader Terry Mills before eventually landing on Ms Finocchiaro, resulting in other election analysts the world over rushing to decipher what the deliberation could mean.

Darwin-based croc ‘psychic’, and Crocodile Dundee star, Burt has given his prediction for which leader will win Saturday’s election.

Incumbent Chief Minister Michael Gunner did not even get a glance from the scaly psychic.

Burt famously does not comment on his election predictions, but the NT News understands his choice was driven by analysis of last year’s federal election outcome, where LNP leader Scott Morrison had a shock victory over Labor’s Bill Shorten. It comes after Burt incorrectly tipped Bill Shorten to win last year, and it seems he has avoided basing his choice solely on pre-polling this time.

After a previously unblemished record for correctly predicting election outcomes, Burt has had a questionable recent history.

He also incorrectly chose former CLP leader Adam Giles to win the last Territory election against Michael Gunner.

Burt also has a storeyed history for correctly predicting the outcomes of sports matches.

Regarded as perhaps Burt’s most impressive pick, Burt correctly predicted the Darwin Cup winner out of 12 options in 2010.

Before following his passion for politics, Burt got his start in the film industry.

He starred alongside Paul Hogan and Linda Kozlowski in the original Crocodile Dundee movie as well as providing the inspiration for the digital crocodile in the film Rogue.

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