Written by on 24/01/2024

77,011 views Premiered Apr 8, 2024

Mad Max returns in HOPE AND GLORY. In exchange for gasoline Max takes on a dangerous rescue mission. DISCLAIMER: This is a fan film. No profit is made with this movie. Over 3 years in the making, more than 275 filmmakers from 5 continents joined forces on this non-commercial project. The release of HOPE AND GLORY is meant as a cinematic “thank you” in honor of what Byron Kennedy, Doug Mitchell and George Miller created. A movie with real stuntwork, real cars, real explosions and most importantly, real heart. We fell in love with the idea that George Miller, as the creator of this cinematic world, can enjoy a MAD MAX adventure as an audience member for once. Since we are really looking forward to FURIOSA, we wanted to shorten the waiting time with our tribute and return to the Wasteland.

Hope and Glory

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