Wolfe Bros 17/08/2021


The Wolfe Brothers get nostalgic, drawing influence from the ’80s and ’90s music and melodies they loved as they were growing up. Inspired directly by the songs that brothers Nick and Tom Wolfe listened to on cassette tapes and boomboxes when they were kids in Tasmania, it’s an album that feels warm and familiar. “Something Good’s Gonna Happen”, featuring Amy Sheppard, is a punchy duet about how opposites attract. “You’re Dolly Parton perfect,” Nick, lead vocalist, sings; “You’re Kenny Rogers cool,” Sheppard replies. “I like a lot, you like a little, let’s take a shot and we can meet in the middle.” Party anthem “Down Time” features a thunderous solo by former Southern Sons guitarist Jack Jones, a long-time hero of the brothers. And “Small Town Song” was inspired by a dream Nick had: It took place in the 1800s, and the main thing he recalls is hearing a choir singing in the background. He quickly recorded what he remembered as soon as he woke up, eventually co-writing the song with his brother and iconic INXS multi-instrumentalist Andrew Farriss.

Nick Wolfe talks to Matt Bern on DRIVE!

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