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Darwin’s Alley Pascoe came into studio to talk to Matt about her her book “Love and Pain”.

The powerful, untold story of two of the three members of iconic Australian band Silverchair. It all began in Ben Gillies’ garage – where three high school kids from Newcastle, New South Wales, created magic with their smash-hit single ‘Tomorrow’, setting them on a path to domination of the Australian charts, worldwide touring and fame. So much has been written about Silverchair over the years but very little has been said by the band’s members. In Love & Pain, drummer Ben Gillies and bass player Chris Joannou retrace their footsteps from childhood friends living across the road from each other, and share their often hilarious, wild and unforgettable stories from the rock ‘n’ roll spotlight, along with the exhilarating highs and heart-wrenching lows they faced along the way. Gillies and Joannou write with vulnerability and raw and blistering honesty, making for an extraordinary account of a band adored by so many.

About the Authors:

Ben Gillies was eight years old when he struck his first beat on a secondhand drum set. Forming a schoolyard duo which then became a trio which became the chart-topping Silverchair, Ben has always been driven by relentless creativity matched by an ability to connect with audiences everywhere and an enthusiasm for his craft that has never waned. He’s toured the world, but Ben has retained his ties to Newcastle, New South Wales, where he was born.

Chris Joannou had just started high school when his friends Ben Gillies and Daniel Johns asked him to play bass in their band. Eventually the band Silverchair formed, and Chris’s bass lines became a pivotal force in their beloved songs and phenomenal live shows. After hanging up his straps Chris turned to his love of music, food and culture, starting his own businesses and cultivating a well-deserved reputation in Newcastle’s restaurant scene.

Alley Pascoe is a journalist, editor and ghostwriter, and the current Features Editor at marie claire magazine. She has previously worked at Stellar magazine as Features Writer and Sunday Style as Social Media Coordinator.