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Mel chats with Carla Yeung, Community Engagement Officer, Northern Territory Library.
Creative in Residence – Exhibition and Zine Launch: 6 March – 7 April 19
· Cj Fraser-Bell is finishing up her residency with us at the Library.
· Cj is a multi-disciplinary NT artist who hosted zine-making workshops last year and created an installation located on the main level of the Library displaying zines and her poetry. She encourages patrons to leave messages using her typewriter which can be added to the installation.

· Over the weekend (23 Feb) Cj held performances in the Library where she invited people on an intimate tour exploring the Library as a physical space.
· To wrap off Cj’s residency, she will launch her two zines and exhibit a collection of her original illustrations, paintings, poems and collages which she created using the Library’s collection.

Schultze and Hoare: the Collector and the Illustrator: 5 February – 24 March 19
· 2019 marks 150 years since Goyder and his team of 138 men first arrived in Darwin to survey the land and establish a capital city in the tropics.
· Frederich Schultze was the official botanist and naturalist on the expedition. He spent many months collecting 995 plant specimens, over 600 bird skins and countless shells, fish, corals and small vetebrates. These were all carefully labelled and sent back to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens and Museum.

· Schultze knew the natural colours of the specimens he collected would not survive the preservation process. As a result he enlisted the help of the expedition’s assistant surgeon and amateur artist William Webster Hoare, commissioning him to paint watercolours and draw illustrations of the specimens.

· Images of Schultze’s plant specimens and Hoare’s watercolour paintings are on display until Sunday 24 March.

Book talk – Living with the legacy of violence: Indonesia’s 1965-66 mass violence and its impact today: 13 March 19

· Join ABC Darwin’s Matt Garrick in conversation with CDU lecturer, historian and author Dr. Vannessa Hearman to discuss the anti-communist violence in Indonesia during 1965-66.

· Born in Indonesia during the height of the army-led New Order regime, Dr. Hearman migrated to Melbourne with her mum at a young age.

· Her research work focuses on south-east Asian history and politics, particularly human rights and transnational activism in Indonesia and East Timor.

· Dr Hearman recently published her book Unmarked Graves: Death and Survival in the Anti-Communist Violence in East Java, Indonesia. Delivering a better understanding of Indonesia’s past, this body of work looks into the human cost and impact of violence in Indonesia on people from both sides of the political divide.

Exhibitions and events are free but bookings recommended. You can visit our Northern Territory Library website on to book or check out what’s coming up on our ‘What’s On’ page.

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