Dan Gregory

Mel Little

We all need to become experts in behavioural strategy
With Zoom meetings being conducted around the world, we’re all putting on a face of professionalism, whilst beneath the screen many of us are in our underpants and Ugg boots, pushing a glass of wine just out of shot. Those of us who’ve had projects at home on the to do list for ages now realise that a lack of time wasn’t the problem. We’ve all disconnected from a coherent sense of time, slept in, failed to exercise or not lived up to our own expectations of how we should be behaving. In a time like this, when all of our usual systems, processes and environments have been cast into chaos, it’s worth embracing a little ‘behavioural strategy’ to create a bias towards success, rather than failure. In a world on lockdown with our usual support structures on hold, we’re all going to need to become experts in behavioural strategy.

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