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We are being identified as the fattest country in the world. The need for these statistics are essentially to make politicians wake up and see the issues.
Question: So why is this occurring?
There are several reasons why; there is a view that our food supply and activity options are not good, there is chemistry of your body also influences how we use fat and turn it into energy.
For each of us they differ so it is important for people to work out what is there issue.
Energy in versus Energy Out You can’t eat like a piglet and expect your body fat to co‐operate. we have know this for a while now and we still need to help people workout correct portion sizes. For some its about working out why they over eat. What are they replacing in their life with food.
Stress Hormones -The human body makes two Dominant stress hormones. They are adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenalin is our acute stress hormone while cortisol is our chronic stress hormone. In other words, when we are stressed for a long time, it is cortisol that tends to take over as our dominant stress hormone.
Cortisol is designed to save your life when food was scarce, it sends a message to every cell of your body that your metabolism needs to be slowed down so that those precious fat stores can keep you going until the food supply returns. Cortisol lays fat down around your middle, on the back of your arms. So when you gain fat you go on a diet, this confirms with cortisol and you gain fat.
What can we do to fix it? Need to work out what the cause is. Most people can easily double their vegetable content as these are foods that clean us up and help lose weight. Working on the factors that promote stress in your life is also important.

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