A new year is an exciting time, everyone’s with their new year resolutions, thinking about the year ahead and taking action to make things happen. Each year singles set new year resolutions to find love or a relationship, dreaming of their own ‘happily ever after’. Then they set out randomly swiping, hoping to magically meet their ‘person’ or try and get on the latest season of MAFS but find that nothing they try works out and they remain single, disheartened and frustrated. Debbie Rivers from Dare2Date has sure-fire ways on how to find love in the new year with 8 actionable steps: 1. Set clear intentions. 2. Mindset is the new sexy. 3. It starts with you. 4. Upgrade your skills. 5. Do you meet your own standards? 6. Balance between letting love happen or looking for it. 7. Ways to meet. 8. Know there are bumps in the road to love.

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