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Not a fan of ‘the female spoon’? Neither is anyone else…
Maybe you thought snoring would be the final relationship spanner in the works, but no! A study of 9000 divorced people by the TheDozyOwl, revealed there’s a very particular go-to cuddle position that is highly likely to end your marriage – ‘the female spoon’. 86% of respondents admitted to it being the most common sleeping position before filing for divorce, followed closely by the ‘leg hug’ at 82%, and the list goes on. So, why is the female spoon ending marriages? Because the women felt they weren’t getting enough attention and the men felt smothered! The study also found that a lack of touching was a big issue for women and ‘face-to-face cuddling’ was the least divorceable sleeping position. I hope you’re taking notes. Never ever, underestimate the power of cuddles in keeping your relationship alive and well.

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