Debbie Rivers

Mel and Dave chat with dating and relationship expert Debbie Rivers about “How to keep a long-distance relationship alive”

It’s been tough for long-distance relationships with various borders closing with little notice across the country. So, how do you keep your relationship alive and spiced up when you can’t see or touch each other? 1. Set expectations about what you both need from each other. Unrealistic expectations only cause heartache. 2. Technology is your friend more than ever before. Dress up and use the Zoom date in creative ways to stay connected. Cook, order take away, watch a movie together or take turns playing your favourite songs on YouTube. 3. Avoid dangerous situations when you’re feeling lonely, like going out for drinks with your office eye-candy or with that person who might have been flirting with you. Look to the future – hopefully, your long-distance relationship won’t always be that way.

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