You’ve got anxiety and you didn’t even know it! Many people grew up with an elderly relative with a ‘touch of the nerves’, one who kept to themselves or drank a little too much. But looking back, these were likely symptoms of anxiety, rather than quirks. Anxiety is more than being nervous, and it’s likely most of us suffer from it, yet we don’t even realise. From excessive worrying, sleeping problems and irritability, to physical signs such as heartburn, skin rashes and nausea. But what about the excessive drinking in the evening? The avoidance of risks? The perfectionism? The scrolling around on your phone for hours? Anxiety can cause all of them. It’s likely most of us have anxiety at some point in our lives, and to reduce the stigma associated with it, we need to own up to it. So, what is anxiety and what are the obvious and the less obvious signs? Why could we have it? And what can we do about it if we recognise these symptoms in ourselves and others?
Mel chats with Dr Marny Lishman – Psychologist.

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