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Charles Darwin University will play the lead in improving the language, literacy, numeracy and digital skills of Territorians for the next four years after winning “preferred provider” status for a significant Australian Government deed.

Head of School, Community and Children’s Services, English Language, Literacy and Numeracy Dr Richard Bowen said CDU had the delivery team and was poised to start “as soon as possible”.

“We urge as many organisations, businesses and eligible individuals who are interested in this free training opportunity to make contact with us immediately, so that applications can be submitted before the Government’s 5 June deadline,” Dr Bowen said.

“Time is of the essence; we’ve got less than three weeks to act under the first round of funding.”

Dr Bowen said CDU had been awarded preferred panel provider status to deliver a portion of the Department of Education and Employment’s $52.5 million Foundation Skills for Your Future Program.

“The government is serious about its commitment to up-skill and re-skill the Australian workforce, to improve productivity, and to promote inclusivity.

“This is for Territorians in the Darwin urban area, for regional Territorians and for those in our remote communities.”

Dr Bowen said that CDU would work with employers to establish a training solution to meet the needs of the workplace.

“We’ll undertake a needs analysis to develop an understanding of an employer’s needs, evaluate staff capability and then develop a customised intervention,” Dr Bowen said.

“We have the flexibility and freedom to include either accredited or non-accredited content in the solution, depending on what best meets the needs.”

Dr Bowen said that the government had advised that participants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents, aged over 15 years, have left secondary school education, be employed and to not have registered with an Australian Government employment service provider.

“This initiative will help individuals acquire valuable new skills and knowledge, support businesses in adapting to today’s evolving workplace landscape, and ultimately contribute to the Territory’s economic development,” he said.

“I’m excited to be a part of it.”

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