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Heidi Dening

Mel Little

Mel chats with Heidi Dening – Resilience & Self-Leadership Expert.

Everyone I talk to is exhausted, overwhelmed, and anxious about the future. With still seven weeks to go before the Christmas break, we all need to prioritise rest in small bites, not wait for the holiday period, otherwise those who are just hanging on with their fingertips won’t make it. Here are three practical ways you can invest in rest so if you do hit the 2020 wall, you’ll have the strength to get back up again. 1. Take 2 x 3-minute micro-breaks every day – get up, move away from your desk, make a cup of tea. 2. Eat your lunch away from your devices – outdoors if you can. 3. Slouch on the couch over the weekend – read a book, binge on Netflix, have a nanna nap. Investing in rest has to be a priority for all of us.