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Nate Anema answers the question – When was the last time you audited your social media?
The Bachelor’s Locky Gilbert has had to apologise for slurs and racial comments made almost 20 years ago, leading us to ask the question, “should we be updating and auditing our social media?” Yes, we should. Updating and auditing your social media regularly is important. How many photos or videos would you find of your ex or some behaviour that you wouldn’t be proud of? Here’s how to make your social media audit run a lot smoother. 1. Chunk posts into categories – videos, images, written posts, then go through each category. 2. Have a list of rules, like no racial comments or imagery. 3. Once it’s on the internet, it’s on there for good, but you can write something on the post that reflects your current view or repost and self-expose with you as the voice of reason. Do this every year to cull whatever no longer resonates with you.

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