Paula Dunn

Mel and Dave

Mel and Dave chat with Paula Dunn, Teenage Resilience Expert & Cognitive Scientist.
Is slapping an ankle bracelet on a child really the way forward?

When there are youths continually breaking the law there are 3 questions to ask that come to mind: 1. Is it nature? 2. Is it nurture? 3. Is it a combination of both? These questions can further be defined by sitting with the individual and understanding their map of the world: 1. How do I see myself? 2. How do I want to be seen? 3. How am I seen by others? Asking these questions will uncover a youth’s belief in themselves – who they are/who they’re not, their conscious and unconscious biases, and their positive or negative behaviours. Being forced to wear anklebracelets only reinforces their internal beliefs and biases and doesn’t address or curtail their behaviours. In fact, it amplifies their destructive behaviours and glorifies them in other ways. Is it really the way forward?

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