RIEL researcher Rohan Fisher has added the Central African country of Cameroon to the list of places he has applied his ground-breaking 3D printed projection augmented landscape technology, with funding from the Centre for International Forestry Research.

Mr Fisher was invited by renowned conservation biologist Professor John Fa to assist a project being undertaken by the University of Manchester in collaboration with the Spanish NGO Zerca y Lejos, which is working with the hunter-gatherer Baka (Pygmy) people – who inhabit Cameroon’s south-eastern rainforests – to improve their access to health and education and support the environmental integrity of their traditional lands. An important component of this work supporting their traditional hunting rights which underpin the Bakka culture and well being.

“The Baka traditionally hunt a very large rodent and a very small antelope as dietary staples and the project has been using GPS technology to record their hunting tracks,” Mr Fisher said.

“There are, however, other animal species in the region such as elephant, lowland gorillas and other mammals that are under threat from commercial hunting activity.”

The project has been working to map Baka land use patterns in order to better understand the ecological balance of the region.

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