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“I’m a happier human since my run in with breast cancer”. I’m not glad it happened. It was a nightmare that included 4 surgeries, 6 months of chemo, a year of Herceptin and 5 years of hormone therapy. Up until my diagnosis, my life was on auto pilot; working, traveling. Life was good. At least it looked that way on the outside. But I wasn’t tuned in to my true desires and was hiding a lot of pain on the inside. Breast cancer was a huge awakening and as a result, I reconnected with myself, reprioritised and got honest. In the almost 10 years since, I’ve competed in two half iron man events, run the NYC marathon, become a yoga teacher, departed my corporate career, launched my own consulting business, studied and traveled more. It’s hard to escape the fear and frustration when you’re in the thick of treatment, but I can recommend five ways that could get you to the silver lining at the other end.

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