104one Territory FM is one of Darwin’s most listened to radio stations, and our supporters and listeners have been connecting with us since the 1980’s. We offer listeners a mature and reliable listening experience on-air and on-line.

We have a growing number of local businesses who are including us in their sponsorship and marketing plans. Your messaging doesn’t get lost in a mass of radio credits and spots like other mainstream radio stations. We only play 5 minutes of sponsor content per hour – so you will cut through and get results. Major businesses across Darwin and Palmerston have known for years the loyality of our listeners, the radio reach and impact of 104.1 Territory FM in our community. Some of our long term “top” clients have remained with the station for decades. You will become part of the family in our community of sponsors. Please talk to our Marketing team of Rekha Kulkarni or Tatiana Hoffmann and start your journey with us soon.


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